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KohSamuiBeachVilla                 Bang Por, Koh Samui


The Villas envied location gives you direct access to the beach of Bang Por.  A totally unspoiled White Sand Beach fringed by swaying palms trees and with sparkling views to the other nearby islands, towns, golf clubs and precious natural beauty.


Quiet and peaceful Bang Por Beach (sometimes spelt Bang Po) is a beautiful and more peaceful location in the north of Koh Samui. It's a short distance from the popular resorts on the island’s east coast.  What Bang Por offers is an authentic taste of what Koh Samui once was some years ago!


Nearly six kilometres in length, Bang Por is one of Koh Samui’s largest beaches. The beach is quiet, uncrowded and clean, with clear water and none of the noise from speedboats and jet-skis that can be heard on other island beaches.


A small coral reef located a short distance from the beach makes Bang Po a great place to snorkel. As Bang Po is on Samui’s northern coast, the entire beach has a great view of Koh Phangan.


Bang Po is far less developed than Samui’s east coast beaches. Accommodation is limited to a selection of hotels and bungalows, as well as the ultra-luxury Four Seasons Resort. The entire beach has a quiet, peaceful atmosphere that

hasn’t been ruined by mass tourism.


If you prefer to explore further afield,

nowhere on the island is difficult to get too.

You can pre-book a taxi service,

or it's easy to catch a passing taxi

or Songkow (local bus).


You can hire a car or motorbike

(just next door) and explore this

beautiful island yourself.




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